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Job Description

SupportBee makes software for managing high touch customer relationships. We are bootstrapped, profitable, and hungry for growth, in business and personal lives. Join us for a rewarding journey! 

Why SupportBee


We pride ourselves on the quality of our tech stack and strive to maintain it. One of the founders wrote a ton of the early code and shaped the tech culture. We have been practicing test-driven development since we started in 2011 and we have written a lot about our tech stack and delivered several talks on it as well. Everyone in the company is comfortable using a text editor and the command line and focuses on improving workflows - whether they relate to customer support or server infrastructure. 


We use Mixpanel and Google Analytics to track an array of events and properties on the app’s usage. With this rich usage data flowing in, we can answer questions about feature usage, and identify companies that are using specific features (or not using them).  It helps us improve the product and avoid working on ideas with little ROI. We have a data-driven culture — as a team, we rely on data to drive decisions about the product.

Deep domain expertise

We have been working on SupportBee since 2011. We launched the product in September 2012. Since then we have learned a ton about our domain — problems customers face, technical challenges in solving them, and ways to monetize effectively (aligning value provided with monetization strategies). Customer support is a complex domain and working with a deep understanding of the domain is fun and rewarding. It lets us tackle complex problems and build creative solutions. 

Remote Work Culture

We don’t have an office, and all of us join in from around the world. Currently, we are from Bolivia, Europe, United States, and India. All we require is a great internet connection, a few hours of overlap with the team, and presence in the daily standup meeting at 9am EST. Our work happens on Github, Trello, and Slack and we believe in the power of asynchronous, and clear written communication.

A culture based on respect and acceptance

We founded the company first and foremost to be a great place to work. We wanted to create a workspace where we would enjoy working every day. That goal is more important to us now than ever before. We value diversity - our team comes from many different parts of the world. Founded by two women, we have had several women contribute to the company over the last decade. A company's culture is a living thing and forever evolving. Ours isn't perfect, and we want you to help us shape it. 

The road ahead is exciting

While customer support is a crowded space, ticketing hasn't inherently changed in the last decade or two. With our domain understanding, we want to create a new kind of customer support software, and we want you to be a part of this exciting journey.  We'll talk more about this when we chat with you. 

Your Role: Customer Success & Presales Engineer

This position is at the cusp of engineering and support and sales. If you have a flair for building apps, and websites, but you are not interested in pursuing programming as your career choice and have the soft skills to manage customers, and expectations, this is the role for you. 

Given our diverse customer base, we are always getting feedback from our customers on the product. Every week, we sit down to discuss which of those ideas need to be worked on. We do a cost-benefit analysis based on three things - the value it adds to customers, the percentage of customers that would benefit, alignment with our long-term roadmap, and the technical complexity of the problem at hand. Your role is essential in bringing the customer side of the story to our discussions on the product, and communicating the product story back to the existing and prospective customers effectively.  

Qualities / Skills 

A good fit for this role will:

* Be fluent in the English language

* Be tech savvy (with an engineering / tech background)

* Be able to work in the EST zone

* Offer product demos to prospective customers

* Follow up with prospects

* Be able to understand customer problems and help them adapt SupportBee for their unique needs

* Take care of customer issues

* Champion customer needs

* Be flexible concerning of work times (for example: infrequently, be online outside of work hours, to resolve a customer issue)

* Have the patience to understand and reproduce customer issues before passing on to developers

* Be diligent in following up with developers to get customer bugs resolved

* Test out new features, and provide feedback to the development team

* Write product documentation using our own KBee

* Make feature tour videos

* Publish blog posts and send newsletters to customers about new feature releases and updates.

* Understand the customer base and their needs enough to be able to contribute to discussions on the product roadmap

* Publish customer success stories

What we are offering

* Work from anywhere - 40 hours a week

* USD 30k - 45k/year based on your experience and skills

* 0.1% - 0.5% stock options (we are a Delaware C Corp)

* Allowance for hardware and software you need to stay productive

Instructions to Apply

If you think you have the skills to be good at this role, send in your resume to with the subject ‘Customer support and presales engineer’ along with the link to your Github profile. Feel free to include any other public examples of your work - blog posts, videos, and others. Finally, please answer the following questions in your email to us * A customer is reporting that a notification email arrived late in their inbox. How would you go about debugging this? * If you could build anything, what would it be? * Recommend a book to us, and also tell us why that is your choice.