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Job Description

The votes are in. You turn on the TV, flip to any of several news channels, and you wait.   A few minutes of impatience later, and….

Your candidate lost.  All of your team’s work for the past 6 months, gone in one fell swoop.  The rest of the people in the room around you are disappointed, even tearful.  You stare onward at the screen… and you grin.

“Let’s go again.”

Your ability to treat experiences as learning platforms is just what we’re looking for in this role, one that’s likely to see just as many hard-earned ups as downs. There’s roadblocks all over the sales funnel, but you’ve mastered the course not by strength, but by will. Your persistence, cleverness, and resolve has got you to where you are today--and you know you still have more to grow.

But work is not everything--relationships are. Even in work you seek to make friends of all those you meet, and there’s not a person in the world you couldn’t get along with. It’s because you have a way of making people feel like you’re genuinely interested in them. Your secret? You’re actually interested. You don’t treat people like numbers, you treat numbers like people. You still expect a lot from yourself, but you don’t lower your integrity to meet goals.

We’re looking for a Demand Gen marketer to take on a role of a lifetime: as our Account-based Marketing Campaign Manager.  You’ll be orchestrating our sales team through the entire buyer journey, and supplementing their efforts by finding prospective accounts, turn those into qualified leads, and help craft the right pathway for each account based on the needs you uncover. For all intents and purposes, you OWN the top of the funnel.


Owning the top of the sales funnel & creating demand from targeted accounts

  • Working with the Inbound director to create sales-funnel-related assets and improve brand awareness
  • Researching and increasing conversion rates in multiple marketing channels that show the most value for lead generation
  • Working with the Myagi Network & growth team to generate leads from well-connected prospective accounts
  • Creating and executing specific campaigns to generate sales funnel leads
  • Maintaining (or letting go of) focus on other marketing channels based on time allowance and importance to marketing goals

Running the account-based marketing effort for specific accounts’ journey from potential connection to lead to opportunity to sale

  • Will know what’s going on with each campaign personally; tier A campaigns will be a lot more specific, while tier B accounts they’ll be able to look up where they’re at in the funnel at any given moment and know how what the past and following plays are
  • Designing and executing cadences and plays with head of marketing and head of sales development
  • Keeping track of each account’s actual activity (web visits, emails, calls, any other touch points across multiple contacts), creating reports based on this info for an individual account or several accounts at once (like for a given region or industry)
  • Campaign-specific content creation (ads, case studies, proposal templates, email templates, landing pages)

About you

  • 2+ years experience supporting a sales team with marketing skills
  • 4+ years experience in B2B marketing
  • Sales-focused writing skills (with provable conversion)
  • Strong SEM/PPC knowledge and keeps apprised of industry news
  • Dynamic ad experience on multiple platforms a major plus
  • Knowledge of account-based ad platforms & how they work (and whether they’re worth it for what we’re trying to do)
  • Strikingly proficient in technical marketing abilitiesThings like SQL/database knowledge, familiarity with setting up analytics systems, and generating activity reports at a single account to global level - not enough to be a developer, but enough to be absolutely effective
  • Eager to build relationships with accounts rather than just focusing on volume (no churn-and-burn with brands/retail, good way to get blacklisted as it’s very relationship-based and people cycle through several brands/retailers during their career)

Nice to have

  • Some talent for design (to help with ad creation, not having to rely on others to move forward with a campaign, even if design isn’t perfect or ultra-professional)
  • Prior role in sales, or in brand/trade marketing retail
  • Prior history running a political campaign for a candidate you believed in
  • Familiarity with Account-based Marketing techniques and tools
  • Comfortable using Salesforce, Outreach, and other sales-focused paraphernalia

What success looks like

  • Measurable increase (10% per quarter) of prospective account quality once passed to SDR (you can help determine what that is)
  • 20% per quarter increase of inbound qualified prospective accounts (don’t worry, there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit!)

About Myagi

    In short, Myagi is a venture-backed knowledge supply chain that connects brands and retailers through our network.  We enable brands to provide digital training directly to sales associates working in retail around the world. Retailers join our network, then invite their sales associates to take company training along with lessons from brands and world renowned skills trainers that improves sales, company culture, and employee knowledge.

    We work with some of the biggest global brands and retailers such as Nike, Mizuno, Intersport, REI, Marriott, TGI Fridays, and thousands of others.  With your help, we will work with thousands more.

    What it's like to work with us

    Myagi is made up of awesome people from all over the world - we collaborate, challenge and have fun. Myagi values work-life balance and flexibility - we have trust in our team, so as long you give us your best work, we don’t care where you are or what time you do it. We support professional and personal development and promise to provide as many opportunities to help your career grow as our company grows. Overall, we’re focused on maintaining a culture that people feel proud to be a part of and stay for a while.

    A few of the perks

    People - We employ real humans to do real brain work - we value the intellectual tussle that comes with good engineering and thus, you'll work with some incredible people

    Travel - Want to go and work at one of our overseas offices for a month? No Problem - we love people to get a change of scenery if it helps their work. We also hold an annual offsite in a different location every year (last year we went to Italy!!)

    Money - Competitive Compensation including Employee Stock Ownership

    Insurance: Health insurance for you and your family + 401k (Superannuation)

    Instructions to Apply

    Apply on our jobs page: