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Job Description

We are a proprietary, high-frequency trading company specializing in cryptocurrency / digital asset markets. We don’t build software for other people. We make money by leveraging the tools we build for ourselves, and there have grown to be quite a few...

Here’s the deal. We’ve made the transition from monolith to microservices, and now our software engineers are spending way too much time on infrastructure and deployment work. We need a DevOps Engineer to help pave the way and let our business logic engineers get back to building features.

We’re in the business of capitalizing on the myriad of trading opportunities that have arisen through the emergence of the digital asset / cryptocurrency industry.  As the first DevOps-specific hire, we would like you to streamline our development, testing, and deployment environments and processes so the engineers who rely on you can focus on rapid feature development.

Here’s some of the cool scaling issues we’re going to tackle:

  • We’re currently managing 20 microservices, which will likely double in the next 6 months.
  • These microservices will soon become clustered microservices, so each of the 20-40 services will have multiple servers behind them.
  • As a proprietary trading company, our software products don’t face the world, so they don’t need to scale in the traditional horizontal webservicey way. Rather, there are few users but with extremely low latency requirements. Services don’t need to service many users, but they can’t ever go down, and they can’t ever be slow.
  • We want to go from Terascale to Petascale computing. But in addition to the size of the historical data on which we operate, we need to have real-time analysis of these data.

We don’t expect you to know how to solve all these problems now; we’ll be learning together. What we’d like from you is the technical guidance and wisdom of someone who has built large, real-time computing systems before, and knows how to get things right the first time. We’d like to avoid throwing technology at a problem just because it is popular; rather we need the lazy type of genius who knows when good enough is good enough and then gets back to solving problems that make us money. We’re trying to impress our accountants, not other geeks on Stack Overflow.

Our Stack:

  • Java 8 + Lagom Framework for the service layer
  • React + Gatsby + Ngnix on the frontend
  • Cassandra for persistence
  • Kafka for messaging
  • Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana for logging and monitoring
  • Gradle and SBT for builds
  • Git for version control
  • We are in need of a CI/CD system
  • Debian-based VMs in the cloud for infrastructure
  • We’ll need help with containerization + some kind of infrastructure layer like DCOS Mesosphere or Kubernetes, but those are really the types of decisions we’ll be looking for you to make.

Must-have Requirements:

  • 5+ years working professionally in a DevOps role
  • 3+ years Java programming experience
  • 5+ years scripting (Bash, Python, etc.) experience
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a technical degree like mathematics, physics, or engineering.

Instructions to Apply

Send a CV to Include a short cover letter in the body of the email explaining why you think you're the right person for the job. We see a lot of applications, so please keep things original.