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Job Description


In short our PM's interface with clients and developers to build world class Shopify sites. After our team onboards a new client, the candidate is responsible to coordinating the project with the developers and making sure it gets out the door in time and with as little bugs as possible. Throughout the life cycle of a project, the client will check in via email a few times a week and have the occasional phone call. The will need to be available on Slack to speak with our development team a few times a day to more often depending on the project and its complexity.


- Available 10-30 hours/month

- Available a few hours/day on PST time zone during 9-5

- Experience launching dozens of Shopify sites

- Proficient with HTML/CSS/jQuery and ideally node.js

- Great eye for design

- Previous PM experience idealĀ 

- Great communication skills (can speak with confidence and clarity to clients)

- Great technical communication skills (relaying info to and from developers)

- Based in US (location agnostic)

- Excellent organization skills. Staying on top of client requests and deadlines is the name of the game.

Instructions to Apply

Send a resume to Send us a note about your experience on Shopify, your technical skills and personal strengths, and why you think you're a great fit Tell us one or two of the projects you like from our portfolio site