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Job Description

You'll join a small engineering team and work alongside our tech co-founder. You'll share ownership in the smooth running of many aspects of the Mailshake system including solving challenges related to scaling, refactoring, building integrations to other products, enhancing our API, fixing bugs, creating new features, and more. Experience with email deliverability is a big plus, but not required.

Our team is 100% remote, so we work fairly independently. We love to chat on Slack and Hangouts though and we meet up ~3 times a year. Each person is empowered to make improvements and is trusted to follow-up and fix issues that arise. Our deployment infrastructure is fully automated and sourced from pull requests in Github. 

We're looking for a positive person who can express themselves and their ideas in clear, constructive ways and respond well to feedback. 

To us, a great engineer:

  • Can strike the right balance between creating maintainable, well-tested code and releasing improvements. In other words, "perfect" is the enemy of good, but no one wants to work on sloppy code.
  • Can solve some issues without writing any code at all. There are whole classes of problems that have an engineering solution but could just as easily be solved by presenting the app in a clearer way.
  • Isn't afraid of rewrites. Sometimes you learn so much about the problem space by just getting something out there that writing it a second time comes with massive improvements.


  • Node.js / TypeScript
  • MySQL
  • AWS


Our team is foremost focused on thrilling end-users and creating value for the company. A close second is ensuring the code base is fun and efficient to work on. We have maternity/paternity leave, flexible schedules, and other perks that come with a fully remote company. Mailshake has taken zero outside investment -- we are profitable, bootstrapped, and proud.


  • US-based strongly preferred
  • 5+ years experience
  • Excellent English and communication skills

Instructions to Apply

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