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Job Description

Who We Are

At Fusionetics we are moving the needle on the health of millions of people. From elite athletes to people who sit in front of computers all day our solutions help reduce pain, improve performance, and speed up injury recovery.

We are a ROWE, remote-assumed product team that has built and supports web and mobile applications used by people throughout the world. A partial client list:

What We Need

Basecamp has this idea of the hill chart that elegantly captures building digital products. We need someone to help us get things over the top of the hill for our software feature changes. This role will begin by supporting us in the front-end gathering and defining requirements, and on the backend testing that these specs were met.

This means that you will work in two phases:

Definition: help us define, document, and dial-in what needs to be built, and how. For this phase, you will work with our product manager, designers, and developers to figure out what the solution should be, and how it surfaces to the user.

Quality: help us to test the software after it comes out of development, providing feature set and UX feedback to stakeholders.

Who You Are

You can own software definition and quality. You don't mind getting your hands dirty testing a complex and changing domain including a website, API Suite, and multiple mobile applications.

You are comfortable with autonomy, and the harsh light of direct no-excuses accountability that comes with it.


- The desire to deliver high-quality products and services.

- Experience in the development and production process of mobile and web applications.

- Highly organized and can write clearly; specs, bug reports, etc.

- Can multi-task while working on several projects simultaneously.

- Strong, bordering on aggressive, communication skills.

Extra Credit

- Leadership experience

- Have worked with a distributed company before

- Previous work in the healthcare space


Apply by sending an email to

After you apply, we will have you fill out some quick online Q+A, talk to us over video chat, and then talk to a larger group. We won’t have you try to take a test on some online whiteboard as we criticize you, but will expect you to come prepared.

As part of the overall hiring process you will:

-    Talk to the person you will report to and the team you will work with.

-    Find out more information about our company goals, culture, and processes.

-    Be provided a more detailed job description and explanation of the role and expectations. You will see a week’s worth of real tasks this job would have performed and a list of planned projects waiting on this role.

Instructions to Apply