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Job Description

About INN Labs

The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), a network of 180+ nonprofit news organizations has an immediate opening for a Senior Full Stack Developer on our product and technology team (INN Labs).

INN Labs serves the fast-growing field of independent investigative and public service newsrooms, a bright spot in today’s news media. Across the U.S. news entrepreneurs and communities are founding and growing digital native news sites. These are fast-moving, innovative, and award-winning newsrooms. INN Labs directly supports more than 50 of these news organizations and advances the sector through our technical services.

The team focuses on problems that INN Labs is uniquely suited to tackle at a network level, such as:

  • Building open source tools that solve issues facing the free press and support news reporting and public engagement
  • Working with innovative partners such as NPR Digital, Knight News Lab, and Trust Project to make publisher tools that can be easily adopted on a network scale
  • Advancing and supporting 50+ news websites using Largo, the WordPress framework we design, build and maintain.
  • Providing custom design and development, digital product planning, documentation, and training

Our work is divided between our own projects advancing the sector as a whole and one-on-one contracting, advising, and support for individual news sites.

You can read more about us on our website and our team docs and can check out our projects on GitHub.

About the Position

The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced full stack developer with WordPress expertise, who is interested in tackling problems around the reinvention of news media, trust in media, and a free press.

You’ll be joining an accomplished team in a key role as senior developer, but our team is highly collaborative so you’ll have an opportunity to work on a diverse range of complex projects while continuing to learn and develop new skills.

This is a full-time position with benefits. Our compensation package is extremely competitive and commensurate with experience. We are also committed to giving our employees the tools they need to do their job and supporting their professional growth so you’ll get a generous allowance for hardware, software, travel to conferences, etc.

We are a distributed team and this is a remote position. Previous experience working remotely would be helpful, but we’ll do whatever we can to help and support your transition if this is your first remote job. We are committed to giving our employees the tools they need to do their job and supporting their professional growth.

Your specific responsibilities will include:

  • Serving as a senior developer and lead solutions architect of INN Labs’ publishing tools, WordPress framework, and partnership projects
  • Managing the technical infrastructure for INN’s technology projects
  • Having a strong voice and say in INN’s overall technology strategy
  • Supporting and mentoring other team members
  • Helping newsrooms find and implement the digital development and tools that will best advance their mission, including those created by INN Labs and developers at INN member organizations. This includes posting in the team blog, presenting at conferences, and contributing to the INN Labs knowledge base, newsletters, and community postings.

What We’re Looking For

Here are some desired skills and attributes for the position. We understand you might not have all of these covered but if this roughly sounds like a good fit for your skills and interests we would love to hear from you!

  • Several years of professional experience in web development, ideally in an agency or news setting
  • Proven commitment to writing clean, well-documented code
  • Strong front-end dev skills (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Knowledge of and experience with the full LAMP stack with a particular focus on PHP and MySQL
  • Experience developing for WordPress including themes, plugins (WooCommerce, for example) and WordPress multisite
  • Knowledge of how to interact with APIs, especially the WordPress REST API
  • Experience with version control (we use git) and deployment tools
  • Experience managing hosting infrastructure (we use AWS, WP Engine, and Flywheel), ideally including optimizing and scaling large, complex CMS deployments
  • Commitment to openness and sharing/writing/talking about your work
  • Curiosity and the willingness to learn, adapt and teach

Nice to have:

  • Experience writing end-user documentation and explaining complex technical concepts to non- or less-technical users.
  • Agile web development experience
  • Experience with or interest in learning React
  • Project management and/or product management experience
  • WordPress core contributor and/or active involvement in the WordPress developer community

Instructions to Apply

To apply, please read send a brief resume/portfolio and cover letter (an email is fine) to Let us know: Why is this job the perfect fit for you? How has your previous experience prepared you for this position? Why are you excited to join the INN Labs team? What are 2-3 projects you’re particularly proud of? (Add links to projects, your GitHub repo, etc.)