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Job Description

Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced contractor to help us automate and streamline our operations and deployment processes. We are looking to reduce costs and inefficiencies with our AWS infrastructure, build systems to automate code deployments and configuration, and increase our levels of redundancy and recoverability. Other projects may be included that fit the candidate’s interests and skill sets. Working hours are flexible, but some on call availability would be expected. Open to either remote work or on-site in Conshohocken, PA.


Potential projects would include:

·        Containerization and/or automation of deployment for our Flask data microservices

·        Configuring and deploying AWS Lambda functions

·        Configuring load balancing and failover systems

·        Strengthening automated server monitoring and alerts

·        Building tools to keep test/staging servers in-sync with our production environment

·        Working with other developers to increase testing coverage

·        Auditing/correcting inefficiencies and weak points in our AWS infrastructure.

·        Detecting security and privacy vulnerabilities in our infrastructure

·        Some ongoing operations work during the contract period


Experience with at least some of the following is desired:

·        AWS in a production setting

·        Docker

·        Python/flask

·        PHP

·        RDS/Aurora/MySQL

·        Pipeny

·        Supervisor

·        FreeBSD

·        Bash/zsh/etc shell scripting

·        Automated deployment tool of choice

·        Understanding of HIPAA compliance is a plus


MedTrak, Inc.

1100 E. Hector Street, Suite 419

Conshohocken, PA 19428

Instructions to Apply

To apply, please send a copy of your resume to