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Job Description

We're looking for a Technical Support Specialist (work from home, anywhere in the U.S.) to handle our customer service and technical support phone calls. Retrospect Backup is a backup software product for small businesses, and Retrospect customers span a wide range, from home users protecting their documents and photos to small businesses protecting their one server and ten laptops to large organizations with dozens of servers and thousands of endpoints. When problems come up, they'll be calling you.

We need someone with great customer service skills backed by a strong knowledge of the computer systems and experience troubleshooting to help this spectrum of customers through their issues and get them back up and running. It’s a full-featured product for small businesses, and we will provide you with product training to ensure you can help our customers out.

The team is a close-knit distributed group, located in the San Francisco area with coworkers around California, Portland, New York, and Boston. Most of the team has been working on Retrospect for over a decade, and previous support people have moved into all areas of the company.

You will report to the Director of Technical Support, who has been working with Retrospect since 1995. We hold a daily 15-minute Engineering scrum, where we discuss Engineering projects and you can share any specific issue or escalation directly with the team. We've found this is the best way to ensure our customer issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Retrospect Backup is available as a free trial on our website, and prospective and current customers can reach our phone number with a couple clicks:

## Compensation

We offer a competitive compensation package, with health, dental, vision, 401(k) matching, paid vacation, and a flexible vacation policy.

## Requirements

Without these, we don't think that you will be able to cope with the workload:

* Phone support is Monday through Friday, 7am to 3pm PST

* Great customer service skills

* Handle both customer service calls and technical support calls

* Ability to write clear technical emails to customers of all skill levels

* Strong Windows and macOS knowledge and troubleshooting experience

* Strong IT and systems administration experience

* Basic knowledge of TCP/IP and troubleshooting experience

* Experience with Salesforce or other CRM for logging support tickets

* High-speed reliable internet connection and a high-quality webcam (for internal meetings)

* Quiet remote environment to work at home

* Experience telecommuting

* Self-sufficient and excellent critical thinking

* Based in the United States

## Relevant Skills

All of these will come up but are not requirements, depending on the person:

* Experience with VMware and/or Hyper-V

* Experience with Windows servers

* Experience with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL

* Experience with backup software

* Experience with storage devices

* Experience with Linux

* Experience working in a small call center

* Experience with remote troubleshooting with TeamViewer or similar

* Ability to switch from phone calls to email tickets (when there is a lull on the phones)

For tools, we use G Suite for email/calendar/meetings, Bugzilla for bugs and escalations, VirtualPBX for our call system, TeamViewer for remote troubleshooting, Slack for quick chats with Sales, and Salesforce for our CRM. We will provide you with a computer and phone equipment.

## About Retrospect, Inc.

Retrospect, Inc. develops backup software for small businesses: Retrospect Backup. It protects servers, desktops, and laptops on Windows, Mac, and Linux along with application-level backup for Exchange and SQL, email protection for IMAP, and virtual protection for VMware and Hyper-V. The product has been around since 1989, so some of our customers have been using it in various incarnations for almost three decades.

Instructions to Apply

Please send a short description of why you're a great fit and your resume (or LinkedIn URL) to